Borrow Against Your Car With Logbook Loans

Exchange Your Logbook for Cash! At times people find it difficult to find loans due to different circumstances such as, poor credit history, self-employment or retirement. This is challenging, especially when emergencies arise, such as unexpected hospitalization, machine breakdown, etc. But did you know that there’s an alternative where one acquire a loan despite such […]


How to Access Asset Finance

Here are some tips on how you can access asset finance: Understand What Asset Finance Means Asset Finance is a leasing arrangement which can be utilized by firms to acquire equipment; for example, office furniture, machinery, plant, vehicles without the need to pay the required cost upfront. As opposed to purchasing the equipment altogether with […]


What to Do to Get a Loan Should You Have Poor Credit History

It is very difficult for people with bad credit rating to acquire loans. When you have bad credit rating, lenders will not have confidence in your financial position. They will not believe that you are capable of servicing your loan once it’s given to you. In other cases, creditors will review your past mistakes, e.g. […]


Understanding Why a Bid Bond is Required and How it Works.

What is a Bid Bond? A bid bond or tender security is a very important requirement issued during the tendering process to the procuring entity as a guarantee and as a sign of commitment and willingness to enter into a contract with the procuring entity. The Bid Bond prequalifies the contractor and provides the necessary […]

How to Win Investors Over

Supposing that you have been looking for investors for your startup and you have found them, how would you persuade them to actually invest in your business startup? The best technique is to pitch the benefits that the investors will get from your company. Sell, sell, and sell! As opposed to requesting for funding, clarify […]

As an Entrepreneur, You Should Focus On Solutions Rather Than Your Productss.

As an Entrepreneur, You Should Focus On Solutions Rather Than Your Products

Did you know that most consumers search for the solutions products can give them and not the products? This implies that if they cannot see the solutions that your products are offering, the likelihood is high that they will not purchase them. Also, if the solutions offered are not good enough for the consumers, the […]