Borrow Against Your Car With Logbook Loans

Exchange Your Logbook for Cash!

At times people find it difficult to find loans due to different circumstances such as, poor credit history, self-employment or retirement. This is challenging, especially when emergencies arise, such as unexpected hospitalization, machine breakdown, etc. But did you know that there’s an alternative where one acquire a loan despite such circumstances?


If you own a vehicle, you could get a loan as soon as possible. Logbook loans have made it possible for people in circumstances, such as the above mentioned, to acquire loans for their emergencies.

What are Logbook Loans?

As a vehicle owner, you know that a logbook is the document you are given as proof that the vehicle is registered to you and you are its legal owner. Therefore, logbook loans make it possible for you to borrow cash against your legally owned vehicle, such that you will transfer the logbook/ ownership of your vehicle to the lender in exchange for a loan. You will still be able to drive your vehicle during the period in which you’ll be repaying the loan; however, the lender will hold ownership of your vehicle/ hold onto the logbook until you repay the said loan.

How Will This Work?

Applying for a logbook loan is straightforward. Simply visit your lender and fill in the form to apply for the loan. If you qualify for the loan, it will be furnished to you in the shortest period possible, depending on the lender’s regulations. In some cases, as long as you’ve met all the requirements to qualify for the logbook loan, you can get the loan within 24 hours.

How Much Can You Borrow?

Logbook loans vary depending on the lender’s stipulations. This, especially, depends on the year of make of your vehicle, and your ability to make the repayments within the agreed time. In the case of InvesteQ Capital, you can get up to 50% of the value of your car, and the year of make has to be from 2005 onward.


Whether you own a car, a bus or a van, getting access to the InvesteQ Capital Logbook Loan facility is as simple as visiting us to fill in the form and waiting to see if you’ll be approved to get the loan. Simply meet these requirements, just to mention a few:

  1. Have a logbook that is legally registered in your name
  2. Have a vehicle, year of make 2005 onward
  3. Proof of identification (Photo, ID, Passport, etc)
  4. Proof that you’ll be able to repay the loan (income statements, etc)
  5. Permanent address

You can also inquire about InvesteQ Capital Logbook Loans by visiting and completing the form with your query and details at:


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