As an Entrepreneur, You Should Focus On Solutions Rather Than Your Products

Did you know that most consumers search for the solutions products can give them and not the products? This implies that if they cannot see the solutions that your products are offering, the likelihood is high that they will not purchase them. Also, if the solutions offered are not good enough for the consumers, the likelihood is that they will seek for better products.

As an Entrepreneur, You Should Focus On Solutions Rather Than Your Productss.

So how to can you make ensure that your products focus on offering solutions to consumers?

Sell the Advantages of Your Products

Your marketing strategy should show your target customers how your product will meet their needs and why your product is the right solution for their needs. This means that you have to highlight all the advantages of your product in a way that easily gets your target customers. For example, if you are selling a Safaricom line, highlight on why it is the best solution for a customer’s mobile phone needs, e.g.) is it a cheaper option than an Airtel line? Are the M-Pesa services more efficient than Airtel Money services, etc.

If your products cannot clearly show the solutions they are offering, then your potential customers are likely to move to the next company that will offer them better product solutions. How can you prevent this from happening?

Your first goal is to ensure that you have captured your target market’s attention before you even start selling to them. We are all consumers in one way or the other, and we are aware that anybody who has ever made a decision to purchase a product already has an existing need that should be catered for. As an entrepreneur, find this need and offer its solution.

Your Marketing Message Should not be All about Your Product 

Give your target market the reason why they should choose you over your competition. Why are your solutions the best in the market? Put yourself in a consumers shoes. If you were a potential consumer, would the marketing or sales message you are offering attract you? The best solution without the right message can make it difficult to convert leads.

Basically, put your buyers first and focus on conveying that speak to their needs and address how their needs can be solved by your product.

Focus On Educating the Consumers about Your Product Solutions Instead Of Promotion

Education and information pays. Do you have a business blog that addresses your consumers’ needs? This is an easy way to attract traffic to your company website and teach about your product.

If you think blogs are time consuming, then employ someone to run it for you. Share relevant information occasionally so as to educate your target market. This increases the likelihood of them considering your product solutions.

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