Completing a prequalification questionnaire (PQQ) surprisingly can be an overwhelming task, which is the reason we have researched and come up with the top do’s and don’ts for tackling PQQs.


Tip 1 – Read, Think, Re-Read, Complete Question

Tackle the questions precisely by reading and re-reading so as to understand clearly, then respond as accurately as possible. To this end, consider your answer before you begin writing it down, and read both the question and answer together to ensure that your response is sufficient for the question.

Tip 2 – Know the Right Flow

Complete the questionnaire as you have been requested. Only respond according to instructions and do exclude attachments that have not been asked for as they most likely will not be assessed. Simplicity of reading, relevance and substance are of higher quality than a presentation that goes beyond the requirements. So verify your wording well and check every now and again for spelling and syntactic lapses.

Tip 3 – Seriously Consider the Tender Requirements and Match Them to Your Company

Choose key words in the PQQ (directions, evaluation criteria and so on.). What are they truly searching for? Compare this with your organization’s capabilities and mirror them to the prerequisite to make it simple for the evaluator to put two and two together.

Tip 4 – Get the Right Fit

Don’t copy responses from past answers that helped you qualify for a previous PQQ. Such answers may have scored profoundly on your last PQQ, yet they don’t promise a high score with your current PQQ. Tailor your responses to meet the precise inquiry and the buyers strategic goals if possible.

 Tip 4 – Save your Selling Pitch for the Offer/ Bid

Keep in mind the PQQ is about limit, experience and capability – it is not about the contract at this stage, so don’t attempt and put “deals talk” into your responses. Relax, let your answers flow. Don’t be hesitant to highlight your organizations qualities, particularly where they match with the prerequisite; simply make a point not to over-do it. A decent strategy is to incorporate a good testimonial quote from a loyal customer- a short testimonial that will add quality to your response.

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